Startup Crash Test


06 Mar 2017
We aim to bring more justice to society through support of legal entrepreneurship, innovation, and open data.

if you feel you want to make a difference through your idea which is connected to legal or justice environment, you are using latest technologies or open data, please let us know. Legal Startup Crash Test is a free platform for pitching your idea.

We can help you with your pitch, give you the floor and audience for the feedback. We can go even further by introducing you to stakeholders, fetching other markets or help in fundraising. Eventually, together we build a strong community that changes rules of the game.

We support justice entrepreneurs and build an international community kickstarting in Ukraine. Further, we welcome all countries to join the Legal Startup Crash Test community. Feel free to let us know if you want to be a first mover in your city or country.

Drop Dmitry a line to pitch your idea, do an event in your city or if you just want to mingle about legal tech.

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