Startup Crash Test


06 Mar 2017
Event is hold in English.

Startup Crash Test is an monthly event aimed at “stress testing” the market strategies, business models, distribution, roadmaps, etc. of technology startups. This event is designed to offer entrepreneurs a platform to tell about your project to other entrepreneurs, to receive feedback from an audience, to find partners, and to develop your network.

For many projects - this is the first public appearance, the first opportunity to talk about their project and get feedback and advice from other members.

You can chat with us via social channels StartUp Crash Test Turin.

What will

1. Five minutes of presentation from the start-up founder. We will have two-three teams and provide a template of presentation to focus pitch on the main points.

2. 15 minutes of Q&A discussion about the projects with an audience.

3. Half of an hour presentation of an experienced tech entrepreneur regarding the problem solving on the initial stage of start-up foundation.

4. Networking.

General Information

We recommend that you arrive at the venue 15-30 minutes before the event is scheduled to have networking.

Photos, event information, and general news can be found on our Facebook page.

Application Form

The application process for our future events is open. If you have an idea or have already founded a tech startup which you would like to represent, please, fill the application form here. The form is designed to take no more than 1 minute to fill out.

We consider applications on a competitive basis. Once you have submitted the form a member of our team will get in touch.


if you would like to request a press seat or have a media query about Startup Crash Test Turin, email Please note that press seats will be allocated at least 3 days before the event.

Photo, Streaming Live

Our event will be available on Facebook page as online streaming. Photo will be available one week after the event on Facebook page, where you can find yourself and share it.


If you have any access requirements, please contact us as far as possible in advance of the event.


By attending Startup Crash Test Turin you may be visible in the audience in photos or in the video of the event.

For whom

For startup founders, developers, marketing specialists, and investors in early stage startups.

Many tech teams working independently, have created or will develop solutions, but feel lack of insights and deep understanding of many different points. Simultaneously, companies have needs of new technologies and approaches. All of them need a place to meet and discuss what do they think about each other.

We believe that Startup Crash Test Turin is a meeting point and communication hub for startups, entrepreneurs, investors and representatives of the digital innovation business.

The event has free tickets.

Initially, the event was held in 2008 in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. And for over 8 years we have discussed hundreds of ideas and concepts and have opened doors into the tech world for many of today's successful companies.

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