Startup Crash Test

Building local
tech communities

It is valuable for the community leaders and those who cultivate the entrepreneurial culture within the city
What is Startup Crash Test?


What is SCT

SCT is a regular meetup bringing together startup founders, programmers, marketing specialists, and investors.

Our mission

Our mission is to help the city startup community flourish. In this regard, we have certain rules for holding the event:

Our Benefits

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We aim to solve the problems faced by a startup founder.

Monthly regularity

Building a community is impossible if you gather its members

Equality and openness

There are no experts or jury at our event, all the participants are equal with no regard

SCT is a free international franchise

Over the last year, we conducted

45 events
136 startups
4000 attendees
Roman Podenezhyniy
Project Coordinator

Boost your local tech-community

If you would like to become a part of our community, feel free to contact us!
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Роман Поденежный
Руководитель проекта